Shane Jackson

Shane is a sculptor and designer who primarily works with metal, combining and transforming various materials through his practice. For the past six years, he has lived and maintained his studio in the rural countryside of north County Cork, Ireland.

Shane finds immense inspiration in the natural, social, and mythological landscapes of Ireland and Greece, where he formerly resided and continues to visit regularly. By deeply engaging with these environments, he unearths an abundance of conceptual material to fuel his sculpture and design work.

Shane has honed his artistic skills through a diverse range of experiences – collaborating with other sculptors, working in craft and engineering sectors, and executing his own artistic visions via commissions and independent projects both locally and internationally. His work has been exhibited at galleries throughout Ireland and England.

Integrating aspects of the land and cultural narratives, Shane’s sculptures explore the fundamental human relationship with our paradoxical sense of self and surroundings. His innovative use of materials and rustic, pastoral aesthetic invite viewers into an immersive experience of movement, energy and emotional resonance.