The origin of this piece is from thumb nail sketches made of Greek dancing while on Skopelos Greece. These tiny doodles have since transformed into a number of ideas. This piece is one of these transformations.
Impermanence is a take on Titan’s Allegory of Prudence c. 1565-70, taking a look at the ever-changing aspect of the present and capability of mutation, the anticipation of movement, acceptance and engagement.
The mirror finish stainless steel casts ever changing tones and reflections, thus ‘impermanence’
For me once again the metal, high finish and sharp lines change an austere material in one instance to one of warmth a familiarity, blurring our personnel and social norms.
It is fabricated and polished stainless steel flat bar 304l, 8mm thick and the base is stainless steel sheet 316 s/s 10mm thick.


Original Created:2020

Sculpture:Metal on Stainless Steel

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size:24 W x 74 H x 24 D cm

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